Mercedes-Benz India have just launched three of their most coveted performance luxury cars in one go.

Starting with the comparatively modest S500 Coupé – the two door, gran touring version of Merc’s luxury flagship, the S-Class. Priced at Rs 2.0 crore (Ex-Delhi), the S500 is powered by a 455 hp V8 with 70 kgm of torque.

Like most of Merc’s new luxury cars, the S500 comes with an optional MAGIC SKY CONTROL which allows you to manipulate the roof’s transparency levels with the touch of a button.

The biggest gun in the arsenal happened to be the AMG S63 Coupé which takes the equine quotient to an insane 585 bhp  with a track tearing 90 kgm of torque. Priced at Rs 2.6 crore, the car comes with Merc’s trademark 4Matic all-wheel drive system along with a new MAGIC BODY CONTROL system which allows the vehicle to incline automatically on banked curves.

Then there was the mind boggling V8 powered G63 AMG which is now available in what Merc themselves have chosen to term  ‘The Crazy Colour Edition’. Draped in  bright green or orange paint, the custom G63 costs Rs 2.17 crore and allows for a more personalised assault on the environment.

Speaking of personalisation, Mercedes-Benz have also inaugurated their ‘Designo’ platform which allows for intricate levels of customer customisation with a special range of trims, upholstery, carbon-fibre kit and paint schemes available to make your car more exclusive than any other sub 2-crore car pottering about the neighbourhood