imageYes, you read that right – the NanoFlowcell Quant-e sports limousine, to give it its full name, is a futuristic sportscar that is powered by salt water, and it’s just been made road-legal in Europe.

Without getting too technical, this German car is powered by an electrolyte flow cell power system, which essentially means that two 200-litre tanks of salt water, with electrolytes, are used to power up electric motors, which transfer the power to the car’s wheels. And there’s a lot of power, too – a staggering 920 bhp; the company claims that the Quant-e can hit 100 kph in 2.8 seconds, which is in Bugatti Veyron territory. Claimed top speed is 350 kph, and with both tanks full, a driving range of 600 km is apparently possible. On top of all that, the car has next to no moving parts, the heat it produces is a fraction of that produced by lithium-ion powered electric cars, and it’s a zero-emission vehicle. Oh, and the thing looks smashing.

Don’t get your intimates in a twist just yet, though – you’ll have to stump up $1.7 million to get your hands on one of these. Still, it’s a glimpse of what the future of personal transportation could be. Check out for more details.