Royal Enfield today announced the price of its limited-run Despatch motorcycle. Rs 2.24 lakh (on-road, Mumbai) will get you one of 400 units that are up for sale, 200 each in Desert Storm (pictured) and Squadron Blue paints schemes. The coolest one of the lot, in a shade of green, is for export only, since that particular shade is reserved for army use in India.

The bike is inspired by wartime despatch motorcycles of yore, which were used to relay important information between the battlefield and HQ. Based on the existing Classic 500 model, the bike has purely cosmetic changes – a single leather seat, leather straps on the battery cover, a matte black finish on the exhaust, silencer, engine and indicators and a camouflage paint scheme. The Despatch is only available for order, so you’ll need to hurry if you want to score one. You could also do worse than to drop by at one of their new apparel and accessory stores, because they have a very impressive range of gear on offer – check out the gallery for a primer.