If you are a car owner who is interested in selling your car, now is probably not the best time to do so. The ongoing pandemic has prevented us to engage in usual social activities that we’d normally carry out. And selling off your car is definitely something that requires social interactions, but Big Boy Toyz’s latest initiative aims to eliminate the long-drawn hassles associated with selling a car.

BBT has introduced the ‘Sell your car in 29 minutes’ concept, which keeps the interaction between buyer and seller to a minimum. The process includes everything from evaluation, inspection and even payment.

Speaking on the same, Jatin Ahuja, Founder and MD, Big Boy Toyz, said, “We are elated to
introduce this new concept for all our consumers across the country. We believe in serving our
consumer family base the best with our services and we continue to do so keeping all aspects of
safety and saving time in mind. It is our way of ensuring easy services to our consumer family
base across the country.”