German carmaker BMW has teamed up with Italian bicycle specialist 3T to create a high-performance two-wheeler for the adventure junkie. Specifically, for adventure junkies with money in their pockets.

The new bicycle is a carbon bike, meaning its body is made up of a carbon frame, making it extremely aerodynamic and lightweight. The bicycle isn’t just meant for tarred roads. It comes fitted with with fulcrum alloy wheels and resistible Schwalbe One Speed tires that offer excellent grip on everything from smooth urban streets to rough terrains. BMW’s distinctive and minimalistic design language is defined by the sharp lines on the body of the bicycle.



“3T was a natural choice for us, as 3T’s Exploro model is the best gravel bike available combining performance, luxury and cycling pleasure to our customers”, said Gaston Streiger, Head of BMW Lifestyle division.

Co-owner and CEO of 3TRené Wiertz added, “We are extremely proud that BMW selected 3T to partner exclusively on the creation of the special 3T FOR BMW bike. BMW delivers ‘sheer driving pleasure’ to customers and with the 3T FOR BMW bike, we aim to deliver the same all road biking experience.”

If you are someone who was looking for an adventure bicycle that look spectacular, then this may be the perfect choice, but just make sure you’re ready to spend €5,500 EUR (approx 4.5 lakh) for it.