BMW launches mega powered X5M and X6M
BMW launches mega powered X5M and X6M

Both SUVs possess the most powerful BMW engine in an all-wheel drive vehicle



Remember lamenting the fact that your family-carrying, dog loving SUV was a bit rubbish around the bends? BMW appears to have heard you. Which goes to show why the BMW X5M and it’s Sports Coupe SUV twin, the X6M are now available in India for Rs 1.5 crore and Rs 1.6 crore respectively (all-India ex-showroom).


It’s not just a big engine that makes a difference here. BMW’s legendary ‘M’ (derived from motorsports) has lavished the X6M and the X5M with the same kind of attention, they reserve for their performance flagships – the M5 and the M3. Apart from having a twin-turbo V8 with a power output of 575 bhp with 75 kgm of planet spinning torque, the SUVs have a lot of technology put in to make sure that they corner as flatly as a thoroughbred performance coupe. Along with this the cars are equipped with AWD technology providing the ultimate traction on the tarmac.


Power is sent to all four wheels via the new eight-speed M Steptronic transmission which loosely translates into lightning fast gear shifts, via paddle shifts or not. There are plenty of other doohickeys including Corner Braking Control, Electronic Stability Control and a whole bunch of other stuff that ensures that you remain in charge. All this while not compromising on the comforts of an everyday SUV – so the bits that have been removed to make the car much lighter, never really come in the way of your comfort. Watch this space for more details on how the car feels around a racetrack. 



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