1. Garrison SneakersGarrison-,-High-Top-Sneaker


The sneaker range tries to blend fashionability with function and offer great comfort. It follows the ‘strobel construction’ style which stitches the upper leather and lining directly to the insole for greater flexibility without damaging the leather.


Price: Rs 5,499


  1. Defender High Top Riding bootsDefender-High--top-Riding-Boots


These pure leather, faux-military boots exist to endure the rigours of mountain-terrain riding. Providing solid protection to your feet, while allowing for good traction in slushy, uneven terrain. Worn with denims, riding pants or khakis, the boots make for safe riding, but aren’t out of place even when you’ve dismounted the bike.


Price: Rs 6,499


  1. Duffle BagSAB-0814023-OLIVE-0184


A lot of Royal Enfield gear, much like the motorcycles themselves, takes inspiration from the raw functionality of World War two machines and equipment. The duffle bag is a handsome little accessory which has been fashioned like the kit bags of dispatch riders from the World War.


Price: Rs 5999


  1. Messenger BagSAB-0814004-KHAKI-1206


The messenger bag is a smart everyday travel bag that’s more of a fashionable utility item for daily travel than a motorcycling accessory. It is however inspired by the trends and motorcycles of yesteryear, when brass and leather held the British empire together, just like it does this bag.


Price: Rs 4499


  1. ToteSAB-0814003-KHAKI-0228


A high-durability fabric tote with leather on the borders, this is a go-anywhere bag that suits most semi-casual or casual attires. Also packs a strong metal zipper for all the really important stuff


Price: Rs 5499


  1. Travel kit


If the scruffy, devil may care sort of motorcycling isn’t all that appealing all the time then you’re probably better off carrying a purpose built travel kit with all the necessary toiletries and other bare essentials neatly stowed SAB-0814018-KHAKI-1153away in various compartments, all covered by a thick, weather resistant fabric. Fits snugly under those bungee cords or wherever else you wish to take it.

Price: Rs 1200




  1. Classic JET helmets


If it’s a Cafe Racer you happen to be riding, then an open faced helmet is the way to go. Royal Enfield’s Classic JET helmets are  lightweight and tough, with a protective lightweight Classic Jet MLG Blackfibreglass shell and an expanded polystyrene inner lining for added protection. There’s also an adjustable nylon chin strap which keeps the helmet in place while ensuring comfort.


Available in black, battle green and desert storm, these helmets ensure that there’s nothing more fashionable than being safe on the road.


Price: Rs 2299