It was around 2018 when everyone took notice of the Lexus NX 300h after its launch. An SUV from Lexus in the Indian market is a rare sight, so Lexus made sure they send one of their best to take on an army of Germans, Koreans and Britishers.

MW decided to revisit the Lexus NX 300h once again to see how it holds up in 2020. Here’s what we think:



Let’s just start with how this vehicle looks, because trust me, this is going to be a big talking point. Every angle, every profile is brilliant. The creases, cuts are all calculated to make the car look sculpted. When it comes to SUVs, proportion is key, and Lexus designers have nailed that perfectly. Line the NX 300h with a slew of other new-age SUVs, and chances are that this is the car that stands out among all of them.


Japanese Excellence


Leave it to the Japanese to do luxury and quality well. The folks at Lexus take this point very seriously, and is something that is given utmost priority. It’s almost impossible to find a Lexus car with a mediocre cabin with subpar materials. And the NX 300h upholds that. Yes, the cabin may look a bit old-school to some, but it comes down to a matter of preference. It’s still button-heavy, which is sometimes a good thing when one is tired of profusely doing everything on a touchscreen. It feels good to finally feel a few satisfactory clicks and turn some knobs.


Hybrid Power


Let’s be real for a minute. India is still not ready for an EV takeover. We still lack the infrastructure to even support the new fleet of incoming electric cars. But Toyota and Lexus have been pioneering the hybrid technology, and have been successfully pushing it for years. 2020 is a time where buyers are morally conflicted between committing to an EV or a fossil-fuel car, and a hybrid car can be the perfect answer to that dilemma. The 2.5-litre, naturally aspirated, petrol engine is mated to electric motors which produces 197 hp and 210 Nm of peak torque.

Our drive around the city and highways let us explore the engine’s capabilities. The electric motors definitely help propel the NX swiftly before any other car, but won’t satisfy you when you want to push it and have fun with it. Partly because this is a responsible vehicle and was never built for senseless petrolhead enjoyment. A Lexus buyer doesn’t want a rowdy car, but is looking for something with style and reliability, which the NX 300h has tons of.


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