Lamborghini has achieved prestigious feats in the automotive world. There is absolutely no doubt of the Italian carmaker’s capabilities when it comes to building beautiful-looking machines with roaring engines that promise effortless performance. But Lamborghini now wants to take a different route, a route that isn’t a route at all, it’s just open water. Now, you can have a Lambo parked in your garage and a Lambo waiting for you at the dock as well.



Lamborghini has unveiled its nautical collaboration with the Italian Sea Group — the Tecnomar for Lamborghini 63. Inspired by the Sián concept, the 63 can move at an impressive speed of 60 knots (111 kmph), making it the fastest Tecnomar boat of all time. This remarkable figure is achieved thanks to the twin 24-litre MAN V12 engines that churn out 2000 hp each. The body of the 63-foot long superboat heavily incorporates carbon fibre which helps keep the weight at 24 tonnes.



From the signature exotic Italian design language, to the sporty yet classy interiors, everything about the 63 oozes Lamborghini. Apart from that, you are free to customise the 63 with a range of options to choose from. Only 63 examples will be produced and deliveries are expected to begin in 2021.



If you have $3 million USD lying around, the 63 can be all yours. Unless you live in a landlocked region, then this might be a bad investment.