Travis Scott has been on a roll lately. The rapper has a lot of achievements to celebrate like his recent Netflix documentary, mega-successful tour, Grammy-nominated album and his new Nike shoes that have turned out to become the holy grail for sneakerheads all over the world. Basically, life is going pretty good for the rapper.

Naturally, Scott wanted to celebrate his successes and he did that by splurging on a brand-new car. But this isn’t just any other car. First off, it’s a Maybach. So it’s already special. Secondly, it’s a Maybach G-Wagon, an ultra-rare edition of the G-Wagon. Scott took to Instagram to show off his new ride. 

Take a look at the post below:


The car was customised to suit Scott’s other fleet of cars. It is wrapped in matte mocha brown varnish. The colour is seen on Scott’s Nike Air Force 1 collab shoe as well as on the other cars in his fleet including his custom Lamborghini Aventador SV.

According to Car and Driver, the luxurious car features fully reclining seats, a vigorous massage system and silver champagne flutes. The car is not sold in the US, so Scott had to pull some strings to get a hold of the car. Highsnobeity reported that he got the wagon delivered from exotic car dealer Obi Okeke, aka Dr Bugatti. The car is only one of 99 ever made and was originally delivered to Dr Bugatti in a shade of pure white. Take a look at the car at Dr Bugatti’s garage before Scott custom wrapped it:



Only 99 of these cars were made in the world and Travis Scott happens to be the owner of one. That’s an achievement in itself so maybe he should just buy another rare supercar to celebrate this new achievement.


(Header Credit – Mercedes-Benz Official Website)