Just when you thought the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck couldn’t look any cooler, Californian-based startup Form, doing what they do best, has thrown in a few additions to turn the electric truck into a futuristic-looking campervan. Keep in mind, however, that these additions will cost you USD 49,500. 

Form’s micro-home design includes a free-standing awning that can be attached to the Cybertruck’s rear bed. It may look massive but the startup has done its research and kept the weight to about 450kg, with a smart aerodynamic design for minimal amounts of drag. If your garage is parked with a number of trucks, you’ll be happy to know the camper is compatible with a Ford F-150 and a Chevrolet Silverado as well. 

Form Camper
The camper can be fitted onto other trucks as well

The Form Camper gets an indoor and outdoor kitchen, the eco-friendly Nebia shower, cool and hot air circulating fan, and a 100-gallon water tank with reverse osmosis technology. Overall, the usable space on this modified Tesla is 195 sq.ft.

The Form Camper gets an indoor and outdoor kitchen

The Form version of the futuristic Cybertruck gets roof-mounted solar panels that pack 400 watts. The company has started accepting pre-orders for the Tesla Cybertruck camper on its website, with initial production limited to 500 units. The $49,500 USD you’re expected to shell out is an introductory price and it’s expected to shoot up to $69,500 USD later.

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk has hinted that the production of the Cybertruck—which has caught the attention of people thanks to its specs and design—may start only by late 2022.