It isn’t rare for supercar owners to transform their newly bought supercar through after-market wraps or a new paint job. Indian supercar owners still like to stick to the originals as much as they can, but abroad, especially in America, owners love to reimagine their vehicles in whacky, bold colour schemes. But if you were confused about what to do with your Bentley, this might serve as inspiration.

Driving around in a Bentley alone is enough to grab eyeballs, but when you do it in a rainbow-coloured drop-top Bentley, the reactions are going to be twicefold. The British carmaker recently held a competition for its colleagues and their families, where they had to design their own Bacalar. The resulting winner was the rainbow spectrum colour. The paint-job blends all seven Bentley shades — Dragon red II, Orange Flame, Yellow Flame, Apple Green, Jetstream II, Sequin Blue, and Azure Purple.

As striking as it is, this colour won’t officially be available as a colour option when you go to the showroom to pick your Bacalar. But it’s still a great concept. Maybe Bentley should make room for one more colour option.