Lamborghini seems to always push the limits when it comes to power. Another example of that feat is the all-new Essenza SCV12.

The limited-edition Essenza SCV12 is the latest hypercar to come out of the Lamborghini factory, and it enters the world with a prestigious label of being the most powerful V12 Lamborghini car yet. The hypercar comes equipped with a naturally-aspirated V12 engine that churns out 830 horses.



But with great power, comes greater restrictions. The Essenza SCV12’s power doesn’t allow it to be a road-legal vehicle, and can only be driven on the track. But purchasing this hypercar has its own perks. Buyers will be given access to drive their Essenza SCV12 on some of the most prestigious circuits in the world. Lamborghini will also provide buyers with a personalised, high-security garage in their newly-built hangar at the Lamborghini HQ in Italy, in case they want to keep their expensive hypercar safe under Lamborghini’s reliable security instead of their home garage. Buyers will be able to monitor their car 24 hours a day, resting in the garage through a dedicated app.



Apart from that, owners will also have the opportunity to undergo specialised training by official Lamborghini race drivers.



Only 40 examples of the hypercar will be produced, adding to the exclusivity of the Lamborghini Essenza SCV12.