Bookings for the new Yezdi Roadster, Scrambler and Adventure bikes are now open

It’s time to dip into your savings. Yezdi is finally back! After resurrecting the Jawa brand, Classic Legends have launched three new Yezdi motorcycles—the Roadster (Rs 1.98 lakh), Scrambler (Rs 2.04 lakh) and Adventure (Rs 2.09 lakh) (all prices, ex-showroom Delhi).

On paper, all three Yezdi motorcycles share the same 334cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine. However, as per Classic Legends, each of the bikes have a different state of tune to suit their character.

For example, the Adventure makes more power at 30.2hp and 29.9Nm of torque. While the Roadster and Scrambler put out 29hp/29Nm and 29.1hp/28.2Nm of power and torque, respectively.

Talking about each bike individually, the Scrambler is an absolute standout with its barebone classic design. The Roadster, on the other hand, looks more like a cruiser than a Roadster, with its wide handlebar, a comfy saddle and a backrest for the pillion. The priciest of the lost, the Adventure has, let’s just say, a similar design silhouette to the RE Himalayan.

Back in the ’50s, the Indian Government had banned the import of cars and bikes. However, assembly was still allowed. This prompted Rustom Irani, the country agent for Jawa at that time to set up his own assembly plant with his brother Farrokh K Irani. Luckily, Jayachamaraja Wadiyar, the Maharaja of Mysuru, shared a similar fondness for the Jawa brand and urged the duo to set up shop in Yadavgiri industrial area.

The two brothers started selling locally assembled licensed Jawa motorcycles in 1960. However, by 1973 the collaboration ended, and the name was changed to Yezdi Motorcycles—a name based on the phonetic transcription of the Czech verb “jezdí” (rides).

The first Yezdi Roadking rolled out of the production floor in the late ’70s. The Roadking was based on the CZ 250 motocross, which finished as a runner-up in the 1974 Motocross World Championship. It had a 250cc mill with dual exhausts, along with a semi-automatic clutch.

For many years, the popularity of Jawa centered around the Jawa 250, also known as the A-Type. Then there was the Yezdi 250 B-type, Yezdi 350 Twin and Yezdi Monarch. All of these bikes now classify as collector’s items.

So, why are we so excited about some old bikes? Older gearheads might remember the Yezdi brand being synonymous with ruggedness and macho-ism. You never really bought a Yezdi motorcycle, it was always passed on to you as a family heirloom.

So when Classic Legends present buyers with the opportunity to own a piece of a legacy, well, who can resist? Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope that the three new Yezdis will offer more than just a trip down memory lane.