If you think about the most preferred film genre that most people can’t seem to get enough of, no prizes for guessing that it’s horror. Why, with movies like Annabelle Creation, IT and more being churned out for the audiences, proves just that. Back here in homeland, the scare tactics are no less in demand. Go back to the Bipasha Basu starrer Raaz, the movies would be packed for its screening. Sure, it’s now become a far less shitting-my-pants flick now, it does give a look at horror’s career graph in India, if there was one. Cut to 2017, we’ve got Ragini MMS 2.2, a web series part of a franchise that used be in a feature-length format. But the digital shift is not the most eyeball grabbing part about the movie. Meet Karishma Sharma, the female lead and Indian horror’s new IT girl. The chances of it happening are odd, howver, here’s what you should know about her, if you’re going to court her. 

She’s a party girl

Sharma has previously acted in TV serials like Pavithra Rishta but IRL, she can rage like a proper baller. Get you a girl who can do both?


She’s a water baby

So you know you’ll be waiting by the pool to hand her a towel for her to dry off.


She has great taste in music

Your date nights will probably be ruined by a Canadian musician who goes by Drake, because Drake and Bake > everything.


She’s a dog person

So you won’t have to bicker about which pet you will be co-parenting together, in your mansion where you’ll live together with Charles, her pug. Or so you can hope.


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