1. Pick your ideal hot beverage for mornings:
Double espresso shots without milk
Tea. Without milk or sugar.
Masala chai
A Bloody Mary for my hangover, please?
2. How do you dress for work on Mondays?:
Prim and proper. Maybe that new shirt.
Casual and cheerful
Anything I can lay my hands on
What I puked in last night
3. What time do you set the alarm for?:
Early. Need to go for a jog before work.
Half an hour before heading out.
Oops! I’m running late
Should I call in sick? Maybe a raccoon came in and…
4. A quick workout before work sounds…:
No, thanks.
5. Your favourite breakfast is…:
An English one, with my eggs done sunny side up
Cornflakes and milk with dry fruits
Nutrition bars on the go
Vodka. Neat
6. What do you prefer to do on Sunday nights?:
An easy dinner with friends
Turn in early after a quick dinner at home
Go for a really long drive
Another night to partay, b*tches!
7. Your all-time favourite movie series is…:
Star Wars
Indiana Jones
The Matrix
The Lord of the Rings
8. What are your plans for Monday night?:
That important presentation needs work
I need a drink!
Curl up into a ball and sleep this off
Meet friends for dinner. No better way to lift mood.
Are you a Monday morning person?
You are: A Monday morning person!
You wake up with energy and vivacity on Mondays and go into the world with positivity and enthusiasm. You are a bright ball of sunshine and bumbling happiness. We want to hunt you down and shoot you in the face to shut you up from singing cheerful songs.
Are you a Monday morning person?
You are: NOT a Monday morning person
Mondays should be banned. We feel you, man. Wanna come over for a drink?