Daniel Craig in Skyfall

James Bond through his watches

Fifty three years, 26 James Bond movies and six actors who have assayed the role of the world’s best known secret agent. All of whom have won some of the best watches

Southern man: The men of Madras

What kind of man is a Madrasi, the ubiquitous term used by North Indians to describe anyone born south of Maharashtra? How is he different from his  more macho brethren who inhabits the land  north of the Vindhyas? We dig into our archives for this tell-all piece on International Men's Day

The outsider

“Bollywood suffers from a slave mentality even after so many years of Independence." Nawazuddin Siddiqui does not mince words any more. He knows what he brings to the table, and now that the industry is riding high on a wave of content-driven cinema, Siddiqui is one of the busiest actors in town. In a candid conversation with MW, Siddiqui opens up about the biggest problem with the Hindi film industry.

The Legend of Anupama

On Hrishikesh Mukherjee's 93rd birthday, we dig out a profile of his beloved bungalow Anupama - a house that now lives only in memory.