1. Are you a daddy?
Yes. They call me Daddy Cool
I am going to be one soon
Nope. But that’s the plan
2. How often do you work out?
I live at the gym
Five times a week
I jog sometimes
I have daddy duties. Who has time for gym
3. When was the last time someone asked you to lose weight?
Yesterday. My boss. And my wife. And my best friend. Even my dog.
A while back
Can’t remember
I have 4% body fat, dude
4. Do you know what “moobs” are?
Yup. Got them. Love them
Fighting to get rid of them
Umm, what?
I flex my pecs for lunch
5. What kind of car do you drive?
A Volvo – safety is essential
Something stylish but efficient
A convertible
Flashy red and really big – chicks dig that
6. Your lady says your best physical feature is…?
My eyes
My heart – It is big and generous
My guns (She can’t get enough of them!)
Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
7. Your favourite meal is?
A big dinner with steaks and mashed potatoes
Burger and fries with shakes
Ribs with side of salads
Boiled eggs, whey shakes, sprouts, broccoli and grilled chicken
8. Beer is…?
God’s gift to man
The perfect summer drink
Maybe on weekends
Should be banned
9. In bed, what’s your game plan with your partner?
Boom boom, shake the room!
Romantic and caring
Kinky all the way
A lot of cuddling – that’s how I roll
10. Books are meant for…?
Reading. Duh
Looks great on bookcases
A good way to connect with my partner
Dictionaries should be in gyms
Do you have a #Dadbod?
You have a #Dadbod
You are caring and cuddly and don’t care much about how you look. You are beyond vanity and have a wonderful family/partner in your life. Congratulations! Here’s to more beer.
Do you have a #Dadbod?
You don’t have a #Dadbod
The gym is your playground and you know that physical attraction is essential in the mating game plan. Why will women be attracted to you if you don’t look like the men in Mills and Boons covers? Here’s to abs and lats, my friend.