1. Which of these pick up lines are you most likely to use?
I don't want jalebis or gulab jamuns…neither of them are as sweet as you
One night with me and you'll feel like the Ganga - wet, dirty, and constantly moving
When I look at you, kuch kuch hota hai
Main tere pyaar main itna ho gaya vela, Main tera Edward tu meri Bella
2. When you see a hot girl in a pub, you…
Walk up to her and use one of your corniest pick up lines
Keep staring at her until you have her attention and then smile creepily
Go up to one of her friends and ask them to introduce the two of you
Ask one of your friends to take you to her and pull a “Haaave you met Ted?”
3. The girl agrees to dance with you. You…
Bring out your best Saturday night moves to wow her
Try to do some steamy salsa with her (even though you know jackshit about salsa)
Giggle nervously and tell her that you’d prefer a walk in the park
Get more excited about doing the balle-balle when the DJ plays a Daler Mehndi track
4. She is quite drunk by the end of the night. You…
Put her safely into a cab and say goodbye
Offer to drive her home *wink* *wink*
How about a quickie in the bathroom before we part ways, babie?
Hold her hair back while she throws up
5. What would you prefer for a first date?
A movie and a long walk
A fancy, lavish dinner to wow her
Cook for her at your place - fail miserably - order pizza – make her see how adorable your efforts are
Get her drunk again. Hope for another quickie.
6. She says she has a three-date rule. How do you react?
“I respect that. What’s the hurry?”
“Why delay the inevitable?”
“I’m worth the wait, babie doll”
“Haan haan, that can be the 50 overs…but abhi ek 20-20 khelna hai?”
7. Which of these Bollywood tracks would you woo her with?
Ek ladki ko dekha toh aisa laga
Sarkayilo khatiya jada lage
Tera tera teraaaa surooooor
Blue eyez hypnotize baby, karti hain mainu
8. How would you prefer to compliment her dress?
“Babez, tu bomb hai, bomb!”
“Banno, tera swagger laage saxy”
“You look like the moon, shining bright, every night, in my life, forever…”
“O M F G”
Which decade is your flirting style from?
You have: The 80s flirting style!
One word, bro – Boring. Up your game, please, if you don’t want to land up being a cat caretaker or worse – a wingman.
Which decade is your flirting style from?
You have: The 90s flirting style!
You like to go in cheesy and take your time. You have nothing to rush about. But update yourself. Sometimes, you remind the pretty ladies of Govinda. And that is not a good thing.
Which decade is your flirting style from?
You have: The 2000s flirting style!
Stylish but not too flashy, you have class and sophistication. You are not too slow or too fast with her. A smart, confident man, the guys in the pub definitely want to be in your shoes.
Which decade is your flirting style from?
You have: The 2010s flirting style!
Calm down creep – you need a masterclass in treating the lady with respect. If we guess it right, your playlist is filled with Honey Singh tracks (no, his name does not have a ‘Yo Yo’), you book tickets for his concerts months in advance and even have his posters on your wall.