While we love Virender Sehwag’s tweets, there are times when he crosses the line and seems more nasty than funny. Just like we loved his aggressive batting, but not his senseless shots that sometimes got him out cheaply.

Here’s listing the few times he got really nasty, without any reason.

What’s the point of wishing someone a Happy Birthday with a video of them getting hit for a six. This is clearly rubbing one’s superiority in someone’s face, and we don’t like it.

Well, Piers Morgan did have a point but he shouldn’t have rubbed India’s embarrassment in their face. Virender Sehwag’s retort was equally uncalled for, and we wish we didn’t see such an ugly exchange of thoughts.

Well, if Kevin Pietersen played for England and pledged his loyalty to the country, Sehwag is no one to use his name in a bad context.

Well, Sehwag doesn’t have great hair himself so he should really stop talking about someone else’s. As they say, those who live in glass houses don’t throw stones at others.

Sehwag should stop expecting every player to be like himself, and learn appreciating all types of players. To call his batting like dadi amma’s story (grandmother’s story) is a bit to sarcastic.