“No Space, Just A Place” is an exhibition organized by Gucci in Seoul’s Daelim Museum that showcases the work of ten independent art spaces together with artwork from Korean and international artists.

Inspired by the luxury label’s creative director Alessandro Michele, the project reflects on eterotopia and proposes a new definition of what an “other space” might be.

No Space, Just a Place aims to give visibility to radical venues and to explore the “alternativeness” as a conceptual tool through which to think about autonomy, defy authority and foresee new narratives for the future.Audio Visual Pavilion, Boan1942, d/p, Hapjungjigu, OF, Post Territory Ujeongguk, space illi, Space One, Tastehouse, White Noise will each present a project conceived by their own team in dialogue with the curator, including the work of one or several artists that the participants represent or support.

Local and international artists are also exhibiting immersive installations inspired by the future and fantastical mythologies. Meriem Bennani, Olivia Erlanger, Cécile B. Evans and more are the ones who question the narrow perspectives and explore the potential of fiction in addressing stories of “otherness.”

The exhibit will run until July 12 or you can virtually see it on its website. Take a glance at few of the installations below.