Nothing a little bit of love can’t fix.

Seasoned designer Manish Arora and St+art India Foundation along with JSW Group came together to bring the iconic Jindal Mansion in Mumbai to life in the most unique way: an art installation inspired by one of Arora’s own life philosophies ‘All We Need Is Love’.

Like a true work of art, the awe-striking spectacle at Peddar Road’s iconic establishment aims at purveying a positive message in these current unpredictable times. Speaking on the installation, Arora said, “With thousands of people passing by Jindal Mansion on a daily basis, we hope that through this installation we evoke emotions of love and peace.”

9 months, 35 artisans and 2400 pieces of hand embroidered/printed cloth later, the installation is a combination of joy, celebration and a reminder that all we do need is love.

Jindal Mansion on Peddar Road in Mumbai is open for viewing from December 7-21