If you’re tired of being stuck at home, here’s an idea for you – why don’t you check out the iconic Frida Kahlo’s home in Mexico City through a 360-degree virtual tour? Titled “Appearances Can Be Deceiving”, the virtual exhibition features 300 of the painter’s belongings and is sure to give you a close look into her private world.

Casa Azul is a blue villa where the female artist spent most of her life and while the house still hosts all the original furniture from when she lived there, it also contains her statement brightly coloured skirts, embroidered blouses and a traditional Mexican dress.


According to Hypebeast, you can also see some of her most important work like Long Live Life, Frida and the Caesarian Operation and Portrait of My Father.

In her bedroom, you can see the artist’s prosthetic leg and in her kitchen, you can spot the bright yellow table where she had multiple conversations with communist revolutionary Leon Trotsky.

Check out the tour here.