The actor, who stars in Nirav Modi’s new ad campaign with Priyanka Chopra, discusses his experience on the sets, the perfect proposal ring and more.


What made you agree to take up this ad campaign?

I really liked the idea of working on the Nirav Modi engagement ring campaign on multiple fronts. The team of Nirav Modi, Shakun Batra, Priyanka Chopra and me on this campaign was a strong motivator. I have worked with Shakun in the past and have a great sense of comfort with him. I had never worked with Priyanka before, and it was a great experience. Also, the beautifully crafted script by Ayesha Devitre was a win-win.

Tell us about your experience of shooting the ad.

We shot the ad in Mumbai in November of last year. The cool, wintry air and the romantic evening setting really made for a beautiful backdrop for the proposal shoot. Priyanka and I had a great time on the shoot and chatted about all sorts of things – from her upbringing in Bareilly to Punjabi culture and her experiences while shooting her TV show in the USA.

Sidharth Malhotra and Nirav Modi
Sidharth Malhotra and Nirav Modi


What was it like collaborating with Priyanka, who is now a global celebrity?

Priyanka was an absolute pleasure to work with and we hit it off really well within the first hour of the shoot. She manages her time seamlessly and is fabulous at multi-tasking. She is truly an ‘actor’s actor’ – extremely professional, yet friendly in front of the cameras and a lot of fun to be around when the cameras are not rolling.

Is jewellery a part of your wardrobe? What are the must-have accessories for any man?

There are a few Nirav Modi pieces that I really love; one of these is a set of smiley face cuff-links that I wore during the shoot. They are really quirky and add a touch of whimsy to a formal look.

How would you plan the perfect proposal?

It would be a private, personal occasion. I wouldn’t want too many people around!

What kind of ring would you choose for the occasion?

Undoubtedly, I would choose a diamond solitaire ring. It is ‘the’ quintessential engagement ring – nothing exudes the sense of permanent commitment and strength like a diamond. Of course, the ring I would choose would have to be nothing but the very best, which is why I would opt for a Nirav Modi diamond solitaire engagement rin