It’s been a mixed day at the office for Chetan Bhagat. While his first book, Five Point Someone has made its way into the syllabus of Delhi University’s English Literature course, his latest book, One Indian Girl has been taken out of bookstores after being accused of plagiarism.

For us, both pieces of news were disappointing. We have not read One Indian Girl, and to think someone needs to plagiarize to write a shoddy book like that makes us feel horrible from within. The author has denied all allegations of plagiarism, but considering he has made so much money with half-baked stories – he could surely have hit a writer’s block, and been tempted to just a lift an idea rather than developing it from scratch. After all, with his clout and money, he can hire the best lawyers and win any case. Even this time, we are sure that Bhagat will come out victorious.

 Also, we feel sorry for all the English Literature students who will be asked to study Five Point Someone – and write long answers on its characters. Seriously, after the sort of backlash that Chetan receives on a daily basis for being a massy sellout whose books lack depth, this decision from DU will only give him a lot more confidence and pride. Which we don’t want to see happening.

Just recently, Bhagat had tweeted that he will take up mechanical engineering again and build something. We were really happy, and hoped not to see the man again. Unfortunately, we have already seen him hit headlines thrice in recent weeks – the first time when the trailer of Half Girlfriend had launched. Hopefully, this man stops appearing on our timelines soon. But, that is just wishful thinking.