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Meet Obama’s new anger translator

This latest video featuring Barack Obama and his personal ‘anger translator’ Luther, is a laugh riot

If you’re a fan of Comedy Central’s hit sketch show Key & Peele you’re no stranger to Luther. Played by Keegan Michael Key, Luther is US President Barack Obama’s official ‘anger translator’.

Luther essentially pick up on the subtext of Obama’s speeches and expresses any unexpressed anguish and frustration that the otherwise mellow Commander-in-Chief is too polite to express. Obama’s role is always played by Jordan Peele – the other half of the hit comedy duo.

It turns out Peele wasn’t needed at the recent White House Correspondence Dinner attended by the President and the Vice President. Luther however, was, as Obama called him out to be his anger translator for the duration of his annual WHCD speech. Obama, who has a reputation for never blowing his lid, admits that it can be an impediment in getting the point across. However, no one predicted how the speech would go. Towards the end, the tables turn as Obama’s tirade gets more heated by the second, eventually ending with Luther futilely trying to calm the President down by suggesting that it’s not an anger translator that the president needs, it’s a therapist.