Millennials are the talk of the town, in the recent years, they have been more popular for wrecking industries. Whether it is driving down the diamond industry to rubble or altering the sanctity of marriage, they seem to be the cause of havoc in our society. With every passing month, they appear to pull down yet another industry along with them. Well, Gen Z seems to be following in their footsteps. 

Here’s a list of things millennials and Gen Z are apparently killing in cold-blood:


According to Independent, millennials seem to be indifferent to the idea of owning a motorcycle. Motorcycles aren’t a symbol synonymous with urban life. Therefore, when compared to their predecessors, the sales have been plummeting over the past decade. 


Not drinking beer is no longer uncool. Millennials and Gen Z have given a pass to beer for wine, gin or vodka. According to Business Insider, beer has failed to appeal to the younger masses. Thus, marking Gen Z as the first generation to prefer spirits over beer.


Television is officially dead. There is a sharp fall in television viewership, with the younger generation switching to online media platforms like YouTube or Netflix. And, if numbers are any indication, cable operators may be in trouble.


Although labelled “promiscuous“, research indicates millennials are having less sex compared to Gen X. In the age of quick access to dating sites, sex has taken a dive. And, Gen Z has followed their suit. They are generally disinterested in the idea of sex and prefer the comfort of their own house.


Carrying cold hard cash is the thing of the past. Both these generations prefer cashless transactions. And, thanks to them, the digital economy is booming.