Sometimes those exotic Ostrich eggs on the mantelpiece must make way for something a bit more exclusive. If you thought Lego’s official 6,000 piece Millenium Falcon was the bee’s knees – you’re going to spend a while collecting your jaw off the floor. Singapore based Lego wizards Titans Creations have just given the geekdom it’s ultimate holy grail – a 10,000 brick Lego Millennium Falcon.

Approximately 4×3 feet in dimensions, this Falcon is without a roof, and houses your favourite Star Wars characters – there’s Chewbacca and Han Solo at one end, with Leia, Obi-Wan giving company to Luke Skywalker . And those are just the characters that are visible through the roofless vessel. Various characters are stowed away in crevices, but you must give it a pretty good look before you spot them.




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