With The Batman film coming out on March 4th, fans eagerly await this new addition to an already growing bank of successful superhero films. 

The next Dark Knight title alone is looking forward to a $225 million launch, with plenty more to come as the rave reviews have driven up expectations, and DC aims to one-up Marvel’s incredible, record-shattering earnings from Spider-Man: No Way Home.

As a result, while superheroes are symbols of bravery, intelligence, power, and more, they also represent the allure of big-time box office success. So who comes out on top?

The experts at Top10Casinos.com were keen to find this out by extracting worldwide box office earnings for all major Marvel and DC superhero movies, to establish the franchise cashing in the most:

10. Ant-Man – $1,141,986,104

Ant Man Marvel

Good things come in small packages, and Ant-Man can confirm this. Through a clever story, interesting superpowers and funny, unique action setpieces, Ant-Man breaks into the top ten with a respectable $1.1 Billion figure.

9. Aquaman – $1,148,485,886

Aquaman DC Comics

Close on Ant-Man’s heels is Jason Momoa’s modern-day recreation of what was once DC’s ‘lamest’ superhero. With a bunch of physicality and brute force added to the role, Aquaman seems to have made some considerable pushback, with another $1.1 billion box-office earning.

8. Black Panther – $1,347,597,973

Black Panther Marvel

After lead actor Chadwick Bose succumbed to a long fight with cancer in 2020, the future of Black Panther’s quick success as a cultural landmark remained in the balance. Fortunately, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever continued that legacy, bolstering the powerful $1.3 billion box-office figures the hero has already landed.

7. Deadpool – $1,568,733,400


$1.5 billion for an anti-hero who takes nothing seriously? With two films under his belt and plenty of fun opportunities in the upcoming MCU-Fox multiverse, the sky’s the limit for everyone’s favorite madcap mercenary.

6. Thor – $1,948,093,669


Nearly smashing through the $2 billion barrier, the God of Thunder also does a decent job of raking in the big bucks. With key roles through his own standalone films and big ensemble blockbusters like Avengers: Endgame, it’s exciting to see how far the upcoming Love and Thunder will take Asgard’s favorite hero.

5. Captain America – $2,238,328,773

Captain America Marvel

While the character has now passed on the mantle from Steve Rogers to Sam Wilson, it’s safe to say that Cap’ has been through one of the most satisfying (and lucrative) journeys across the MCU — with a powerful ending to his tale, and an impressive $2.2 billion in favor of Marvel Studios/Disney.

4. Superman – $2,417,033,190

Superman DC Comics

Next, we have the one who started it all. With 7 films produced, Superman’s legacy is long, if not too culturally relevant today, ringing to the tune of $2.4 billion across 44 years.

3. Iron Man – $2,424,540,830

Iron man Marvel

It took over twenty films to become the behemoth it is today, but the Marvel Cinematic Universe has one hero to thank for its origins, and it’s none other than Iron Man. Across nine films, Robert Downey Jr.’s legendary performance in the role has become irreplaceable, and after a heartbreaking farewell in Endgame, the character left Marvel Studios/Disney with a huge $2.4 billion.

2. Batman – $4,597,699,372

Batman Robert Pattinson

As one of the DC universe’s richest men, it comes as little surprise that he’s bulk out the Warner Bros. bankroll by quite a bit — a whopping $4.5 billion to be exact. Calculating and fearless, Batman’s legacy across several actors and films is certainly hard to beat… but even the Caped Crusader comes second in this race.

1. Spider-Man – $8,139,598,994

Spider Man Marvel

Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, has been crowned as the superhero that’s earned the most from the box office so far, topping the chart with over $8.1 billion for all franchise movie earnings. The latest Spider-man movie, Spider-Man: No Way Home, starring Tom Holland, has already bagged the franchise $1.7 billion, just two months after release!

(Featured Image Credits: Marvel Studios)