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4 Game of Thrones Spin Offs We’d Like To See

The follow up series were recently confirmed by various media reports

Winter might be coming even after Game of Thrones goes off air as various reports have recently confirmed that HBO is mulling a total of four follow-up series following the eighth season. In fact, the names of four different writers for the show have also come up and all we need now are the protagonists!

Aerys II Targaryen

The first season of the show follows from Robert’s rebellion that ended the reign of the ‘Mad King’ as enough has been spoken about the Targaryen ruler himself on the show. A spin off narrating his tale, from his childhood to the maddening obsession with fire, would also do justice to the books.

Night King

Admit it; even you get the shivers when the leader of the whitewalker army looks directly into the camera. He is believed to be a first man who was converted into a whitewalker by the Children of the Forest by inserting a dragonglass in his chest. From there till today, his is a journey we’d like to be a part of.

Children of The Forest

Speaking of which, the Game of Thrones TV show fans are rather uninitiated about the creatures that lived on Westeros before the Targaryens invaded it. These little vegetating characters only started appearing on GoT once Bran Stark explores the world beyond the wall and definitely deserve more prominence.

Aegon I Targaryen

A conqueror from another continent arrived on Westeros to establish a dynasty that would rule the seven kingdoms for more than three centuries. The story of ‘The Conquest,’ the truth about the Targaryen powers and many other secrets from the dragonlords would make for an enthralling narrative.