Social distancing can get super boring especially if you have nothing to do. The whole of Italy is on lockdown and while India hasn’t reached that stage yet, many companies are giving their employees work from home. If like us, you’ve turned up at work – you don’t have to read this article till Saturday. However, if you’re fortunate enough to be working from home, we’ve catalogued a few of Amazon Prime Video’s latest shows to help you pass the time.

In season 1 of Pushpavalli, Sumukhi Suresh fell in love with a dude and followed him all the way to Bangalore. The show ended once the dude in question came to know that she was stalking him. The Season 2 trailer of the show is preeeeetttyyyy dark. It seems like Pushpavalli is back for revenge.

Then, there’s Zombieland 2 which stars Emma Stone and Woody Harrelson and surprise, surprise – the show is about a Zombie attack.

Elite Season 3 is back, you guys! This means sex, sex and loads of sex.

There’s also a new show on Hotstar called Dheet Patangey which is set against the backdrop of the 1983 and 2011 Cricket World Cup.

There’s also Hostel Daze on Amazon Prime Video which is about three students living in an engineering hostel. Kinda typical, but do we have a choice in these times of Coronavirus?