These people spill the beans on being good-looking and the perks that come with it.

For some people, life can be fair when it’s feeling generous. And if they happen to be conventionally attractive, the rest of us will be cursing under our breath with envy in multiple languages.

According to studies, beautiful people have an advantage in almost everything. They are like the Midas’ touch of good looks. Right from being healthier than most to having a better advantage in politics, chances are attractive people lead a better life in many aspects.

Turns out judging beauty isn’t based on emotions. So you know all those romantic movies your girlfriend makes you watch with her? The guy or the girl is being objective.

MW conducted a survey with participants who come across as the obvious definition of attractive.

 23-year old host and presenter Elixir Nahar agrees it’s nice when your looks help you in a situation. “I recently got (charges for) excess luggage waived off and had co-passengers help me carry my luggage. But this is with a winning combination of looks and asking nicely!”

31-year old media professional Abhinay* is married. He gets honest about getting hit on at bars. “Every time I am at a bar I get hit on, ” he explained. “Mostly when I’m buying a beer or dancing. Girls come up to me and ask me what drink I’d like to have and would then ask if I wanted to go to another bar together or somewhere a bit more private.” Samir* (29), on the other hand, is an entrepreneur who takes being hit on as a sign of flattery. He advised, ” I think everyone (both sexes) should be open about (hitting on people in public spaces), do it more often but, in the right way. Everyone loves some confidence.”

Sanika* is a 26-year old lawyer who has experienced a lot of ‘no, please go ahead’ in queues while getting a coffee or getting movie tickets.

29-year old musician Karthik* says he doesn’t regret being good-looking. “People take me more seriously because I’m not bad looking, especially in my field of work. It helps.” Sanika, our lawyer here, said that most of her clients don’t take her seriously on first meetings. “I always feel like I have to prove to them that I’m capable of handling their legal issues,” she said.

Do you think attractive people get it easy?

*Names have been changed

Image: Youtube