In most Dandiya nights around the country, Bollywood songs are what gets everyone at their foot-tapping best. These nights are filled with energy, and if they happened every day, we would be a much, much healthier country. 

There are a lot of songs picturized in a Dandiya setting, but we’ll talk about only the most popular ones. First of all, there’s Dhol Baaje from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. An extremely peppy track, the video begins with Salman Khan making Aishwarya Rai wear an anklet. Through the song, the duo play Garba with a bunch of Gujrati men. 

Then there’s Radha Kaise Na Jale from Lagaan. A lovely song about jealousy, it is picturised with Aamir Khan wearing a yellow kurta and dancing with Gracy Singh. They are seen by Elizabeth aka Gori Mem, who is green with jealousy. You have to give it to her, for pulling off the discomfort and pain of seeing your loved one dancing with someone else. There’s also Yashpal Sharma (the traitor who has a change of heart) in the background, smoking a beedi and burning from within. 

You also have Lahu Munh Lag Gaya from Ram Leela. The chemistry of this song is on another level, and you have to admit, such acting is impossible to pull off if you’re not really in love. The eyes of both Ranveer and Deepika tell a story, and the way they rub gulaal on their necks to express sexual interest warms the cockles of our heart. You have to also admire the way Shail Hada has sung the song, especially the seductive passion with which he utters the words Lahu Munh Lag Gaya (I have tasted blood).  It’s more romantic than foot-tapping, but you can’t fault them for that. 

Most recently, there was Udi Udi Jaaye from Raees which has a Garba sequence. It’s again a foot tapping number, perfect for a garba or a dandiya session. It’s not as popular as the rest of the songs on this list, but both SRK (with kajal in his eyes) and Mahira Khan look like a million bucks.