For all you podcast lovers, we’ve got some good news for you. The very woke and handsome Daniel Radcliffe has launched a new podcast series titled “Cunning Stunts” where he and his Harry Potter stunt double, David Holmes interview notable stunt performers in an attempt to get an idea about how they do what they do.

The podcast’s first episode featured Derek Lea who has films like James Bond, Titanic, and Saving Private Ryan to his credit. The other episodes feature Tina Maskell and David Forman, Paul Lowe, Jo McLaren, Rocky Taylor, and the late Brian ‘Sonny’ Nickels.

“I think there’s a myth around stuntmen that they are just superhuman in some way,” Radcliffe told Deadline. “When the public see something really painful or horrible, they think it was a visual effect or that there’s some clever, safe way of doing it. Often that’s not the case. There’s no way of faking, for example, falling downstairs. When you get hit by a car, you’re still getting hit by a car, even if it’s going slower than it would. They find the safest way of doing it, but it can still hurt.”

The actor also stated that he’s all for the Oscars recognizing stunt performance in its own category.

“When you go through what happened with Dave or Olivia, or the many people we’ve talked to that have had severe things happen to them, you realize everyone has put their bodies on the line to make the things we love. It seems crazy not to acknowledge that,” Radcliffe said about the Oscars. “If you can’t see the art of a brilliant stunt scene, you’re just not looking hard enough. I do think there’s a snobbery, but stunt work is an art form, and to do it well and do it safely is really, really hard.”


(Header credits: Wikimedia Commons)