The pandemic has been a tough time for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Instagram started a feature that lets users explore and discover small businesses and online stores, through the platform. We explored, and you’re welcome.


While the trend and culture of streetwear has skyrocketed in India, it’s naturally given birth to several designers, as well as accessory manufacturers—Ninety Two 50 being one of them. The brand sells handcrafted silver jewellery, inspired by streetwear. They’re less than a year old, and already have an impressive collection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces. (Instagram: @ninetytwo50)


The Wood Shaping Co. is a Gurugram-based company that designs and manufactures vintage wooden lamps along with resin art accessories, and various other wooden products. But the company is known for its vintage wooden lamps that are sold in multiple shapes, sizes, and colours. The Wood Shaping Co. also takes orders for custom wooden pieces if you want to add a bit of exclusivity to your product. Instagram: @thewoodshapingco


Merkabah is a skate shop based in Kochi. With India’s skating culture on the rise, the need for skateboards has grown along with it, and Merkabah aims to not only sell skate decks and cruiser boards, but also adds an Indian touch to them. You can commission your very own deck that will be tailored to your needs, and the brand also o‡ers decks hand-painted in traditional Indian murals. Even if you don’t skate, these make for beautiful showpieces. Instagram: @merkabahkochi


Sasha is an eyewear brand that focuses on sustainable wooden sunglasses. Every piece of eyewear created by Sasha is made from walnut wood, and is available in 15 universal styles, which are also available in four di‡erent finishes. Apart from being undoubtedly stylish, the sunglasses are said to be unbreakable, water-resistant, skinfriendly and 100 per cent plastic-free. (Instagram: @see.through.sasha)


Getting your hands on sneaker holy grails isn’t easy, which is when resellers come into the picture. However, there’s always a worry of fake products doing the rounds. But since it’s inception, Cop Underdog has grown to be one of India’s most reliable source for “pre-loved” products. Apart from the store in Bengaluru, which is stacked with rare products and limited edition items, they have an active Instagram page and website, where you could probably find that one item that was always on your wishlist. Instagram: @copunderdogoffcial