In a previous article on this website, our writer had elucidated why they hate the festival of Holi so much.

“I have played Holi just once in my life, which was during my college days. I immediately regretted it, because I couldn’t stop the colours from entering my eyes and my mouth. Not only did I suffer from excruciating pain, my friends went ahead and laughed at the expense of my misery. This ‘bura na mano holi hai‘ attitude that has been imbibed into people is something that gets my goat,” he had written.

“Bollywood is to be blamed. For example, there’s a Rajesh Khanna song that sees the heroine enjoying herself while clearly inebriated men play Holi with her. Since cinema is constructed reality, (and a man only hears what he wants to hear) women in real life may not enjoy such rowdy behaviour. I have heard one of my aunts complaining about how this person touched her inappropriately, but she didn’t hold any grudges against him because well, she too subscribes to the ‘bura na mano holi hai’,” he’d added.

I couldn’t have put it better myself. Over the course of the past few years, numerous women have come out with horror tales of how they were molested and groped by rowdy men during the festival of Holi. These men are often drunk or high or both and think that this festival is the perfect time for them to get away with such heinous acts.

There is no idea of consent when it comes to Holi, it seems. People love to drop water balls on unsuspecting people and have a great laugh about it because “bura na mano, Holi Hai”.

This article was supposed to be about how to have a woke Holi but if you really need an article to tell you that, you’re fucked, my friend.

Just don’t be a dick, don’t be a creep and ask for consent before lathering someone in colour.