In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Tiffany Haddish had something to share about a time when she was a little too interested in Leonardo DiCaprio, like in a sexual manner.

The actress totally opened up in the interview about asking the 43-year-old Oscar winning actor to sleep with her. She tells THR that she met DiCaprio at a party “two, three months ago”. “I asked him if he’d let me hit that. He’s like, ‘Tiffany, you’re so funny.’ I’m like, ‘I’m serious.’ And then he goes, ‘I mean, I’d do it, but …’ I was like, ‘Come on, wasn’t you in a squad? The coochie squad or something?’ ” she said.

DiCaprio, along with actors Tobey Maguire and Kevin Connolly, was part of the infamous “pussy posse”. But that’s not all Haddish had to say. She continues:

“I told him, ‘My only stipulation: I wanna do it with you as your character in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.’ He starts bustin’ up laughin’, ‘Why?’ he asks, and I say, ‘Cause I feel like that performance deserves a real reward and that reward is this [gestures at her own body].’ He starts goin’ into how he got into the role, how he worked with these kids and all this stuff, and I’m just listenin’ and listenin’, like, ‘Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm.’ I finally go, ‘All that’s good, I just need to know, When’s this gonna happen?'”

There’s an interesting meeting she had with Brad Pitt too. As the Hindustan Times reports, the comedienne also told TV host Kelly Ripa earlier about when she bumped into Brad Pitt. “Oh, I just met him on the elevator, he said in one year if he’s single and I’m single we gonna do it, so you know what that means!” she said at the 90th Academy Awards. “But he do got seven kids, I don’t know if I could deal with a man that’s got that many kids,” she added.