Vijay Mallya is set to tie the knot for the third time with girlfriend Pinky Lalwani according to reports. Mallya, 62, will marry Pinky who has been an air hostess in Kingfisher Airlines. 

The couple met in 2011, when Vijay Mallya offered her a job. According to reports, they became very close to each other soon after and have been in a live-in relationship for a long time. 

Before this, Mallya had married Sameer Tyabji in 1986. After that, he married Rekha Mallya in 1993. He also has a total of three children from his two wives – Siddharth, Tanya and Leanna. 

Earlier, Vijay Mallya had been charged with a 9,000 cr fraud (Kingfisher Airlines’ unpaid debts) by the Indian government, and has been living in London ever since. It’s said that Lallwani stuck by Mallya during these tough times, and helped him through legal hustle. 

“We have always been in dialogue with banks saying: ‘We wish to settle’. But we wish to settle at a reasonable number that we can afford and banks can justify on the basis of settlements done before. By taking my passport or arresting me, they are not getting any money,” he said in an interview with Financial Times

Other than being known for his businesses, Mallya is also famous for being one of the most stylish businessmen.