A years-long streaming ban on Studio Ghibli films will come to an end when HBO Max launches on May 27. The US streaming platform will exclusively host Studio Ghibli’s acclaimed library of films which will include the likes of Spirited Away, The Tale of The Princess Kaguya and The Wind Rises.

“I’ve been working in films for a long time,” Studio Ghibli co-founder Toshio Suzuki told Entertainment Weekly. “I always believed that films should be seen in movie theatres. We were very hesitant about expanding that even further [beyond] physical packages. What changed my mind was seeing Woody Allen make a film specifically for a streaming platform. I read a quote from him [about how streaming would expose his films to a broader audience] and that changed my mind.”

Allen had worked with Amazon Studios earlier for Cafe Society and Wonder Wheel. He had also worked on the 2016 television show, A Crisis in Six Scenes.

“Whenever I watch a Clint Eastwood film it says ‘Warner Bros,’” Suzuki said, “So, I’ve always wanted to work with Warner Bros. for a long time. The person in charge at GKIDS [Ghibli’s North American distributor] was very excited about this offer from HBO Max, especially them being the last to approach us. They sounded very enthusiastic and we felt that these guys would really appreciate our films and do great work with it.”