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World Milk Day: India’s Suhaagraat Obsession With The Glass

An Indian suhaagraat seems almost incomplete without THAT glass of milk in hand

Think of the word suhaagraat and amidst all the sexual thoughts that come to mind will also be a glass of milk. Yes, that very glass of milk, which has been made almost synonymous with the first night because of its clichéd portrayal by the media; be it films or television or even a book by an ‘Indian author.’

Some have attributed an enhanced libido as a plausible explanation behind this ritual while some others are still seeking answers, just like us. So on the occasion of World Milk Day today, we explore the deep, dark corners of the internet to quench our thirst for the truth!

Here’s what we found out:

Man of culture much?

In these times of increasing cow vigilantism, a Quora user dared to question the sanctity of cow milk in the country. Do you agree that milk is the solution for all our problems?

“Got Cold? Drink hot turmeric milk. Want to become fair? Drink turmeric milk. Want fair children? Drink kesar haldi badam wala milk when pregnant. Want to become stronger? Drink lots of milk. Its probably the last one for your answer. To get enough energy to perform sexually on your first night,” they said.

Milk as an ice-breaker

Another user claimed that you can’t serve tea or coffee late in the night because ‘dont taste good if they lose the warmth.’ We’re not even kidding!

“And to start conversation for the girl end, she will start with, “My husband, Have some milk.” And he may respond, “Yes dear let me have it,” they add and believe that’s where the foreplay begins.

Sharing milk = Sharing sorrow

It gets even more bizarre. People feel that sharing a glass of milk on the first night will ensure a great start to the marriage between man and wife. “It signifies that they will share all the sorrow and happiness with each other for rest of their lives, just like the glass of milk,” said another user.

It might either be an aphrodisiac or a magical fluid to strengthen the marriage or something else. But one thing we’re sure of is that it’s irrespective going to be a part of various suhaagraat scenes in Bollywood even in the years to come.

Image: Pinterest