Travel Podcasts For The Wanderlust In You
6 Travel Podcasts That Will Take You Places

It doesn’t matter what kind of traveller you are, these audio podcasts have something for everyone

Planning a holiday or just enjoy listening to stories about travel? Here are some of the best travel podcasts that will give you exactly what the traveller in you needs:


INDIE TRAVEL PODCAST on Audible, Soundcloud 



From advice on the best things to do, essentials to pack, or the cheapest way to get around, Craig and Linda Martin, the masterminds behind the Indie Travel Podcast, cover all topics in detail. Each episode consists of twenty-thirty minutes that brings insightful and entertaining stories from backpackers, experts, and digital nomads who share a passion for travel.



WANDER WOMAN on Apple Podcasts, Audible



Hosted by award-winning travel writer and photographer Phoebe Smith, Wander Woman is the first travel podcast to take up a magazine concept. In each episode, Smith takes you on a thrilling behind-the-scenes journey to a different destination with vivid and detailed descriptions that make listeners feel like they are travelling as well. Bonus? Apart from the basic content, the podcast also features a section called ‘Travel Hack of the Month’, and travel tips that travellers will certainly find useful.



JUMP WITH TRAVELING JACKIE on Spotify, Apple Podcasts



What if you could explore the world without breaking the bank? If you are someone who gets a thrill out of doing budget trips, this one’s for you. Jackie Nourse gives incredible tips for budget-friendly adventures on her podcast Jump with Traveling Jackie, formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler.




AMATEUR TRAVELER on PodBean, Apple Podcasts


Hosted by Chris Christensen, Amateur Traveler is a podcast that focuses on travel destinations. With more than 700 episodes for you to choose from, the show will help you decide where to go next. Every week, the podcast gives an insightful interview with either a destination expert or a traveller who has been to an exciting destination recently. Amateur Traveler will definitely help you add to your bucket list of thrilling places to visit.




ARMCHAIR EXPLORER on Apple Podcasts, Spotify


Made in a documentary-style format, Armchair Explorer features stories of otherworldly trips told by the most adventurous travellers. Host Aaron Miller, an award-winning travel writer, journalist, and author, brings in stories that are set to music and cinematic effects, creating an immersive storytelling experience. The podcast will take you to the most unimaginable places — from a bike journey around the globe to a wild expedition in South America — and it gives you a real feel of the experience.




WHERE TO GO on Spotify, Apple Podcasts


Created to help people who have had their travel plans scrapped by COVID-19 and are unsure of where to go next, Where to Go was launched in 2020 by the team behind the DK Eyewitness travel guides. While speaking about the impact the pandemic has had on destinations around the world, the hosts ensure that each episode is a real celebration of the destinations covered, and what makes them so special. The destinations covered in the podcast as of now include the USA’s national parks, Italy, Dublin, London, and Paris.

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