Armaan Khera Reveals His Fitness Routine, Wellness Mantra And More
Me And My Body: Armaan Khera

The actor lets us in about his lifestyle choices, and what really works for him — at the gym and off it

First seen in Taish, Armaan Khera has all eyeballs on him in Masaba Masaba S2. But it takes more than walking in slo-mo to look this fit. The actor gives details about his fitness, lifestyle choices, and more.


A week in fitness
A lot of water, lots of physical activity including yoga, weight training, martial arts, and swimming, and lots of good food. I start my day with meditation and a yoga session, followed by drinking at least a litre of water. This is followed by a meal of fruits and nuts. I then do a weight training session at the gym or just bodyweight exercises at home. After this, I have a simple but wholesome meal (usually Bisi Bele Bath along with baked sweet potatoes and grilled vegetables). Then, I finish the work I have planned for the day, and go for a swim, followed by another meal, which I try to have at least three hours before going to bed.


An equipment he cannot work without
Not an equipment, but YouTube. Ever since the lockdown, my workout group (The Ninjas) has focused on body weight exercises that can be done at home. So, whenever I’m unable to make it to the gym, I just use YouTube and the endless videos made by talented professionals such as Chris Heria or Jeff Cavaliere. I even refer to Sarah Beth’s YouTube channel for my yoga sessions.


A must-have gym equipment for a home gym
I’ll definitely have an adjustable bench, a rod, and weight plates. That should be enough.


If not in the gym


Swimming or any type of cardio exercise works. Practising Martial Arts definitely helps as well. These days, we’ve been focusing on Wing Chun.


What motivates him to stay fit
The biggest motivation is how it makes me feel. Keeping fit keeps me happy and mentally balanced. And also, Bruce Lee.


A muscle group he loves and hates to work on
I love working out in general so it’s hard to choose the one muscle group I love to work on. And honestly, it is close to impossible to say I hate working on a particular muscle.


Top three gym tracks
These days it has been Stargazing – Travis Scott. Actually, play any Travis Scott track and I’ll be jumping in the gym.


Top three cheat meal preferences
Good question. My top three would be North Indian food, pizza, and milk with cookies.


(Featured Image: Armaan Khera)

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