An Expert Answers Your Fashion Queries
A Fashion Expert Answers Your Questions

All your fashion and style conundrums, deciphered and explained by celebrity stylist Shreeja Rajgopal


I want to try experimenting with statement shades such as bright red, deep wine, and magenta. How would you suggest styling these shades?


The most important factor is what kind of date you’re going for. Basis that, try to make sure the colours you opt for do not go overboard. I’d recommend skipping a bright red altogether. For burgundy or deep wine, you could pick a pair of corduroy jeans and pair it with a muted tone knitted pullover, and finish it with converse or sneakers that aren’t too chunky. This would be fresh and understated, but still keep it cool.



My aim for this year is to experiment with different types of jewellery but I’m unable to start. How can one start wearing statement pieces?


I’d say first and foremost you must understand if you’re comfortable wearing them for yourself, and not just to follow trends. Once you figure that out, it’s easy to experiment with the daintier accessory pieces like rings and bracelet bands. I think arm beads work really well if you’re into linens and cottons for the summers. You can stack them up with a watch to make it a statement. And if you’re someone who wants to really push the envelope and can pull it off, try a super dainty nose pin. Gender fluid earrings are also really in if you want to keep it slightly edgier. These work the best with Indian wear — sherwanis or bandhgalas.


For a while, I’ve been meaning to get my hands on those retro ’90s shades. What homegrown brands can I try?


Urban Monkey, Fuzoku, and your good old Ray Bans never disappoint.


Now that winter is over, how would you suggest storing leather jackets?


Once you’re done laundering them, the ideal way to hang coats or trenches is in cotton garment bags, which keeps them sealed and intact. Other pieces, like your sweaters and pullovers, can be folded and secured in a clothing organiser — you get plenty of these online.


What can a man wear on a first date? Please suggest three ways of styling.


There is no better answer to this than be yourself and ditch trying to ape someone else. Having said that, depending on what your first date is like, try to keep it appropriate. If it’s a dinner date, you could opt for a crisp shirt and chinos. For a more relaxed day date, you could just do linen pants and a summer printed shirt paired with Toms or your go-to denims and sneakers with a white tee (never goes wrong).



I’ll be attending a wedding this month and I wish to coordinate with my girlfriend. In what ways can we coordinate as a couple?


Please do not try to match a look entirely with your girlfriend; that almost never works. Instead, try to maintain a similar embroidery or a hint of her outfit colour in your look. Skip the whites and baby pinks this summer, and opt for shades like peach, lemon yellow, and ice blues. It will also be interesting to coordinate by wearing the same fabric. For example, both of you could do chikankari outfits in different pastel shades.

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