Instagram careers, aren’t a foreign concept anymore. The social media app has given rise to a number of alternate careers and has provided a helping hand for small businesses to expand and become megasuccessful. It is behind the success story of a lot of brands today, and in recent times, has acted as the perfect platform for a new breed of creatives — resin artists. It could be considered as an unconventional style of painting. You don’t use the usual acrylic or oil paints, brushes, or even an easel. What you primarily need is an excellent understanding of resin, which is what you primarily use to create these unique art pieces. Resin is found in nature, but can be created synthetically as well.

It is traditionally thick and viscous, and is generally used to manufacture varnishes and paints. But art resin is a newly formed type of synthetic resin that is chemically less toxic and harsh, specifically created to be used for artistic purposes. Being a resin artist is quite different from being a regular painter, since the materials you create your art with, are completely different. Like a painter is educated about how to use their acrylic or oil paints, a resin artist’s true skill lies in how they choreographs the freeflowing resin on a canvas. The resin is fused with regular paint to create a beautifully chaotic yet somehow synchronised array of colours and textures. As a result, you get a unique and duplicate-proof design, since the complex end result makes it almost impossible to replicate a particular resin painting. A major pro to resin painting is that you don’t need to be an artist. If you have basic knowledge and understanding of what you’re using and how they interact, you can create an impressive piece of resin art. But of course, an artistic mind will only make the whole process a lot less challenging.

Resin is an extremely versatile substance, and taking advantage of this versatility, artists have moved far beyond just simple canvas paintings. When dried, resin is strong and durable, which makes it perfect to complement wooden furniture. Woodenresin furniture started out as just another DIY project, but has evolved to grow into one of the biggest furniture trends today. Instead of having a plain wooden slab table, you could opt for a resin-wood option, and end up with a stunning and unique piece of furniture. Resin furniture is heavily inspired by natural, aquatic elements like rivers and waterfalls, with the furniture usually arranged and created in a way that symbolises those elements. If you’re not one for colour, a minimal route can also be taken, by just using simple white and black palettes.

While this trend was booming in the west, it took its time to make its way to our shores. But it’s here now, and has its fair share of admirers and takers. The trend is at that stage where it is still small enough to be perfectly traded over Instagram, but a few boutique furniture stores around the country have started to take notice, and recognise the immediate need for resin additions, to entice a new set of customers looking to add a bit of colour to their living rooms.



BohriAli started as a store back in 1885. Primarily a paint store, the business eventually shifted focus towards e-commerce. Today, BohriAli is India’s primary source for buying epoxy resin products. Apart from being a commerce site, they host workshops, and even create epoxy resin furniture from salvaged wood. (Instagram: @bohriali)


Sodhi and Misra work together to create resin/ epoxy artworks and furniture. They also host workshops together, where they teach aspiring resin artists and amateurs how to create their own resin artworks, and excel at it. (Instagram: and heerinaart)


Kumar B.S. is a self-taught artist who got into resin art quite recently. He primarily loves to create resin artworks with some sort of natural element creatively incorporated within it, like beaches or mountains. (Instagram: @kumar_resin_works)


Woodology’s forte lies in fusing wood and resin together, to create some beautiful pieces of furniture. They are a team of seven who work on customised designs for cafes, restaurants, offices, and homes. Their product line consists of everything from live edge/waterfall tables to wall murals. (Instagram: @woodologyco)


Poonam first noticed fluid art in Philadelphia, and was instantly drawn to it. After returning to India, she decided to start doing it professionally. Her primary business goes on through Instagram, where she sells her original pieces, or takes orders for commissioned pieces. (Instagram: @poonam. shah_art)