Fashion For The Month Of Love
Fashion For The Month Of Love

Gone are the days when date nights meant either going over the top, or going in a gym vest. Over the years, the importance of what you wear on a date has only gone up especially picking an outfit keeping in mind the kind of date you’re on. It’s essential to look fresh, but you […]

Gone are the days when date nights meant either going over the top, or going in a gym vest. Over the years, the importance of what you wear on a date has only gone up especially picking an outfit keeping in mind the kind of date you’re on. It’s essential to look fresh, but you also need to not turn up for a movie in a suit (unless you really want to, but do you?) or be turned away from clubs for not being “formal” enough. With every single outfit needing to be #OOTD, the emphasis right now, especially for men, is to experiment and spot their strong points in fashion, and sport the same with confidence and a lot of grooming. And let me tell you, women always notice the little efforts you make to look good for them. Even if you’re not into trends or follow fashion, bringing out your sartorial A-game on a date will always score you brownie points. A grungy, rugged look needs to have an element of style to it. Another thing to remember is that the occasion and place really matters when it comes to deciding whether to turn it up, or to take it easy. First impressions need the crispest of collars, whereas the fifth date can be more about adding a pair of funky shoes to a chilled out affair. When “what should I wear for my date” is the question, here is a roundup of answers for your date nights for the experimental millennial and the more mature man, by fashion experts themselves





Celebrity stylist Aastha Sharma suggests casual, but classy: “Recently, men have been playing around with colours, prints and textures. You can do a subtle pop of colour or print with heavily textured fabric work.Try stripes with corduroy, or throw on some colour-block with a crossbody bag to give a young and casual feel,” she says. A look that will work for the more grown up man, Sharma recommends, could be a light jacket over checked pants. “The play of proportionate print will keep it interesting. Or go for a young colour palette with classic Chelsea boots or maybe chinos with sneakers. Remember to keep the look clutter-free,” she advises.





Celebrity stylists and founders of Who Wore What When, Pranay Jaitly and Shounak Amonkar show how to boogie: “The more millennial look for a party can be a monochrome look with a jacket, a T-shirt and trouser in the same colour, and pair them with contrasting sneakers. Remember to keep the shades of the colours close to each other,” they say. “The classic look would be welltailored pleated pants and a sharp dark shirt. Add a classic watch to the ensemble. Also, the trousers need to be well-fitted and of the correct length,” the duo suggests.





Fashion designer Rocky Star picks easy, and gives a lowdown on the glam date: “For a dinner date, the younger lot can go for a smart T-shirt or a shirt and team it with a pair of denims. Avoid wearing washed or distressed denims for a formal dinner date. Depending on the season, you can layer the look with a denim jacket or a printed jacket in breathable fabrics,” he recommends. For a sartorially-inclined gent, he says, “A threepiece look comprising a fuss-free shirt/T-shirt and trousers paired with a simple blazer. Avoid mixing too many colours and patterns while layering,” he says





Fashion designer Kunal Rawal on how to look good for your girlfriend: “Date nights mean dress to impress. I think for a millennial guy, an all-black look or a black-andwhite look that’s more formal and dressier will work great. If you’re bigger, do something that cheats your silhouette, and if you’re leaner, add a layering piece. Go for skinny black trousers, formal black shoes, with a black shirt. For someone who is on the other side of the 30s, it could be cool to add a white crew neck T-shirt to the same look, and maybe do a layer with a blazer or waistcoat,” Rawal recommends.





Resortwear designers Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja of label Shivan&Narresh on what works by the waters: “When on a beach date, one should focus on wearing clothes that are more comfortable and airy. Wearing fabrics and colours that are cooler, can be a great idea as functionality is something that matters the most to today’s millennials. For someone on the younger side, a silk robe with swimshorts makes for an easygoing beach-date look,” they say. For a more evolved look, they suggest, their Urvi Polo T-shirt with Slate resort trousers. “An additional tip, if you want, you can also twin with your special one, and go for the same print while planning a beach date. It’ll also be a good idea to accessorise with espadrilles, feline duffle bags and resort rugs,” they opine.





Fashion designer Nachiket Barve on what could be the best outfits for brunch: A brunch, Barve feels, depends on the location of the brunch as well. “I like the idea of doing tailored shorts with a crew-neck T-shirt and a nice bomber jacket. It’s an easier look and it’s not entirely sloppy, it will look cool and young,” he says. For a more classy look for an older person, tailored jeans or chinos, worn with a shirt or a linen blazer. It looks more grown up, like you have your life together,” he chuckles.



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