2020 will be known for changing fashion in its entirety. The pandemic has led to trends that we doubt would make it to this list during an ordinary year. From WFH clothing to Y2K making a comeback, let’s find out everything that highlighted the start of the roaring ’20s.


Fashion Trends

Even though none of us had the chance to enjoy summers at a tropical getaway, the presence of bucket hats on the runways and streets was enough to make up for missing out on the season. The must-have accessory brings in a lazy look, but is as fun to wear as it is to look at. This time, it came in loud prints and trippy colours. From luxury labels such as Valentino and Prada to fast fashion brands like H&M, bucket hats have made their mark globally.


The oversized trend is a key piece across international runways and has become a large part of streetwear culture, with brands like Off-White designing them in more ways than one. These oversized jackets come in the forms of trench coats, puffer jackets, and track jackets. Super easy to style, but can go wrong if overdone.


Fashion Trends

Relaxed suiting was seen everywhere on the runways of Spring/Summer 2020. Defined by a double-breasted construction with a shallower wrap than usual, the style works particularly when wore open, making it perfect for summer. From Khaki styles at Fendi to classic cuts at Paul Smith and Zegna, it was all about the relaxed suiting trend.


When we talk about flared trousers, it’s usually about the ’70s making a reappearance in a modern way. Flared trousers come in suede and velvet, highlighting the statement theme. Spotted at Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Marni, the trousers have had a major revival, and are an easy statement fit to style even on a daily basis.


Fashion Trends

When the pandemic took over, one of the biggest trends of the year emerged in fashion. It’s the famous ‘Work from Home’ clothing trend. Right from luxury to fast fashion brands, the trend of slipping loungewear into the ‘WFH’ edits became quite popular. The months of May and April saw a huge demand for WFH clothing, making it one of the bestselling styles of 2020.


Infit set summer 2020’s tone of dressing — it’s the clothes you wear while binge-watching Netflix, or while curling up and reading a book. French designer Ludovic de Saint Sernin sent a model down his runway in nothing but a wool bath towel. Infit is literally your choice of outfit, be it an underwear or a silk robe, a piece that brings in normalcy and freedom into your zone.


Fashion Trends

What’s Y2K? Y2K is the fashion of the early ’00s making a comeback in 2020. It literally means the ‘Year 2000’. The trend has taken womenswear by a storm, as many fast fashion brands are bringing back style pieces as a throwback. In menswear, Y2K is making its way through throwback jerseys. We were able to spot celebrities wearing baseball, basketball, and football jerseys, the way they did back in the early ’00s. The styling is quite easy. The only trick is to find vintage jerseys to go with your aesthetic, which are now available on Instagram thrift stores.


Fashion Trends

Pearls were termed as the hottest men’s jewellery for 2020, according to Lyst. Thanks to Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Timothee Chalamet, and A$AP Rocky sporting pearl pieces, the search platform reported that there have been 11,000 monthly searches for men’s pearl jewellery since January. Styles set the trend going when he sported the accessory at the 2019 Met Gala, and fast-forward to 2020, he was also seen wearing a pearl necklace in his recent music video, Golden. In Bollywood, Ranveer Singh was the first to perfect the trend, and was seen at multiple occasions wearing huge multi-layered pearl necklaces.


Fashion Trends

Move over sneakers, sliders are the next big thing. For the summer of 2020, we saw this relaxed footwear on the runways of Prada and Burberry. Double sliders are upgraded with an additional touch of metal hardware, velcro buckles, and even a utilitarian element. The best way to wear these sliders are with Cuban-collared printed shirts, and shorts.

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