Our schedules have gone for a toss with the pandemic. For those of us who are too old for bedtime stories, sleep podcasts are the new way to a good night’s sleep.


White noise is another effective strategy to induce sleep, but in case you were looking for an alternative to the regular white noise and wanted to try more interesting sounds, BBC’s Slow Radio is the perfect choice. The podcast is stacked with an impressive range of sounds including everything from the process of making cider, to sounds captured from a walk in the woods in Suffolk, England.


While a lot of podcasts read you fictional stories, RecipeZZZ for Sleep reads out a recipe from a cookbook. Seems weird, but it has proven to be extremely effective, according to reviewers and the podcast’s loyal fanbase. The podcast is described as “white noise for the culinarily inclined.”


Get Sleepy is one of the most highly-rated podcasts in the world. It’s a big-budget podcast, and each episode first starts with calming meditation to lighten the body. Then, a story is narrated by a calming male or female voice artiste. The voice is then layered with subtle ASMR soundscapes and soft music, which only add to the drowsiness.


Boring and uninteresting stories are one of the most tried-and-tested methods for falling asleep, and Drew Ackerman’s Sleep With Me does not disappoint. Sleep With Me is one of the most popular podcasts to help you sleep. Ackerman takes you through one story in a 60-minute episode, but it is all done in a rather dull and monotone voice, with several unnecessary tangents that almost force you to shut your eyes.


You may have accidentally dozed o to a Game of Thrones episode after a 12-hour binge, so let’s try something different. Game of Drones is yet another offering from sleep podcast maestro, Drew Ackerman. In a nutshell, Game of Drones is a recap of GoT episodes, but Ackerman puts his signature spin of boring storytelling to it, and turns the recap of an exciting episode into a masterful and purposeful snooze fest. This one’s available on YouTube, the podcast’s own website, and iOS.