Anniversary Special #20YearChallenge: What Were They Wearing
Anniversary Special #20YearChallenge: What Were They Wearing

Bitten by the nostalgia bug, we go back to a time when dressing up like your favourite celebrity and wearing fishnet tees and bandanas was all okay

The shift from the ’90s to the noughties saw a mixed bag of fashion yays and nays. For the most part, our wardrobes were influenced by the movies, and what celebrities wore. Theatres were filled with commercial potboiler levels of bold and bright clothes, and Shah Rukh Khan suddenly popularised athleisure with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, at the turn of the millennium, and polo necks with Mohabbatein. Hrithik Roshan’s denim jeans, fishnet tee and rimless spectacles in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai were the biggest menswear trends of the time. It was also an era where fashion from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s were all fused together, making it an interesting time to wear what one wanted to. For men, boxy fits and oversized silhouettes were as much in trend as the translucent kurta and chinos for the new age man. The short kurta, in all lengths of sleeves, became a rage, and thanks to FabIndia, everybody was wearing them. Men dressed up in comfortable shorts, hoodies and T-shirts. Tailoring became a lot more relaxed, with lighter and breathable fabrics, easier fits and slouchy shoulders.











Fashion weeks were just kicking off in the country, designer wear was increasingly becoming covetable and the Indian man was ready to turn it up a notch.








The boring old suit got an update, with modern fabrics and cuts for an elegant yet sexy appeal. Tweed checked 4-button suits, bandhgala suits and collarless jackets were all indicative of taking power dressing into the evening. Denim helped merge macho with metrosexual, but it was also the era of denim overkill. From denim jackets and shirts to jeans, the obsession was at its peak.







Beach days were all about stylish beachwear to flaunt that beach bod. Swimming trunks for men too got a bright new update. Point in case; pink and red trunks on our models from our fashion shoots back then.




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