The pandemic has led to a lot of ordering in, and nothing’s stopping the hospitality sector from coming up with new, innovative concepts to beat the lockdown blues. Here are five new places you can try out in Mumbai.

Hundo Pizza

The good part about Hundo Pizza is that it’s not only delivering artisanal pizzas with fancy ingredients to you, but also has a drive-through option, to experience going out, while staying in. You order the pizza online on the website, and give them your car number, and park anywhere within 250m of the outlet. The order will be delivered to you complete with a specially curated pizza playlist. Ever thought you’ll enjoy some sautéed spinach on your pizza? Hundo has some delicious options with homegrown, exotic toppings, all on freshly handmade dough.

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Bun & Only

Gourmet burgers are always a good idea. The newest addition to the burger block is Bun&Only, and they’re doing some exotic burgers, like a Portobello & Blue Cheese,  or a Black Bean & Guacamole burger. Other than the fries, they also have rolls, in case that’s more your thing. Some truffle fries, a cheesecake or two, and that’s a weekend meal sorted.

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Asian food is comfort food, especially in the random rains of Mumbai. A pan Asian Manga-themed restaurant from Delhi, YOUMEE has finally launched in Mumbai with its extensive Asian platter. In fact, if you’re following a keto diet, they have a Sashimi Roll made of crab stick, Hamachi tuna & salmon wrapped together, using a nori-style sheet made of cucumber. Ramen is their speciality, as you may have guessed, so a good new option to dig in for your Asian cravings.

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Two foodies, Zeeshan Khan, 28, and Asad Bhagat, 31, decided to take their love for Mediterranean and Greek food to the F&B sector with Myko, a Greek food joint. With their focus being on quality instead of quantity, they bake their own wholewheat pita, and all their sauces are made in-house, and fresh. They also use vegetables from a hydronic set up, so all in all, it’s a clean space to try some Greek fare.
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 Pizza King

You could be the first customer at the just-about-to-launch Pizza King, an artisanal traditional pizza with a North American touch, launching this weekend. The idea is by Bijoy Shah, 27, who has worked at various pizza places when he moved to Canada for his citizenship, and wishes to bring the same freshness and authenticity here.

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