Here's Why Slink & Bardot Should Be On Your Weekend List
Here’s Why Slink & Bardot Should Be On Your Weekend List

This is Slink 2.0, and it has a whole lot to offer

As we walk into the recently revamped Slink & Bardot, which has battled the pandemic and come out stronger, there’s a new energy in the air — its speakeasy vibe and stylish, vintage feel retains even better with the deep red and green walls that pair well with its signature checkered floors. Here’s everything you need to try at this new version of the restaurant and bar, including the new secret cigar room, and the cool new corner in the restaurant to hang at.



The food menu has been revamped to induce a tinge of nostalgia as you taste the chef’s innovative dishes that have a mix of familiar and new, seasonal ingredients, which will take you down a culinary memory lane. For a quick bar bite, pick the Quail egg with Tamagoyaki Foam, Smoked Tomato Jam, and Buff Floss to go with your cocktails. From the appetisers, the smoked sourdough buff toast with kasundi cream, and kimchi will tingle your tastebuds.


The humble okra is transformed into the Okra & Potato Ponzu, which comes with potato & leek Foam and pickled aji lemon pepper — bite-sized, and full of flavor. Ceviche lovers should not miss the Slink Ceviche, with red snapper, coriander coconut broth, and potato straws. A unique take on the Asian sea bass Barramundi with mustard, coconut carom seed sauce, and basil oil can be your pick in the mains, and another unmissable main would be their take on the eggplant with Eggplant XO that comes with pomegranate molasses, and black-eyed peas. While all the dessert options are drool-worthy, the goat milk cheesecake with mango and jackfruit stands out for its creamy taste with a tinge of fruity flavour.



Staying true to its stylish, intimate concept, the cocktails at Slink are crafted keeping in mind seasonal and unusual ingredients paired in an unusual manner, but one that’s pleasantly surprising.
Taking history and adventure into a glass, their cocktail program has drinks from different eras, telling untold stories through fruits, herbs, flowers, and seeds of that particular era, while also sticking to making sure the process is zero waste. Beer on tap is common, but isn’t time we get cocktails on tap too? Yes, that, and over 100+ classic cocktails, not to mention some interesting non-alcoholic options for the teetotallers. Start with the Bardot Sour, with bourbon whisky, grapefruit, IPA beer, lemon, and barley dust to get a bit of a punch going. Negroni fans must not miss the Aeropress Negroni, with gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, and Aeropress coffee. Tequila cocktails are becoming cooler by the day, and the Meloma, inspired by the Paloma (Spanish For ‘dove’ and a tequila-based cocktail) is given a slinky twist with tequila, mezcal, and Japanese melon seltzer. You won’t stop at one, that’s for sure.



Not just that, Slink & Bardot also has a Thursday event, where every Thursday they have a different musical act — it could be a new DJ, a jazz night, and the like. Weekends are Slinky Nights, where there will always be a DJ playing some cool tunes to groove to.


Whether it’s a corporate lunch over impressive chef-interpreted dishes or a romantic date night or just a hang with your gang, Slink’s got you covered.

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